The ARTISTRY STUDIO® PASSIONISTA Squad are a global group of beauty obsessed social media influencers including Andrea Devos (3rd generation of the DeVos family), Lady Jday (a NYC graffiti artist), Morgan Stewart (youtube, blogger and model) as well as a selected group of our own IBOs.

In ANZ, our 5 successful Passionista applicants were Sinead Chiplen, Greta Juozaponyte, Delia Materazzo, Rachael Offer and Denny Kumeroa. Over the next 6 months, this team of ANZ Passionistas will be learning about social selling, creating and posting their own content and being rewarded along the way.

Each month we will set out a social media challenge for our Passionistas and they will receive prizes for participating but wait…. we are also going to give YOU the opportunity to enter the challenges alongside the Passionistas and have a chance to win amazing prizes as well!!

Are you with us? Make sure you keep up with our Instagram and Facebook pages for information on how to enter the challenges and participate in the fun!

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