ARTISTRY® Skin Enhancer

ARTISTRY® introduces its new technological breakthrough, the ARTISTRY® SKIN ENHANCER Smart Dual Technology – Featuring Derma Ion Galvanic and Ultrasonic Blade.

The Artistry Skin Enhancer is a 7-in-1 multifunction device that helps maximise product penetration of the Intensive Skincare Vitamin C + HA and the Signature Select Personalized Serums, elevating your skincare routine and delivering exceptional results.

Derma Ion Galvanic works as a duo ion current – derma ion and galvanic. Derma ion current works to massage the skin using 3D vibration and alternates with Galvanic, a powerful direct Ion current that maximises the penetration of the product deep into the skin’s surface layers.

The ARTISTRY Skin Enhancer offers 7 solution modes. The Clean Up mode uses an Ultrasonic Blade, a bubble jet deep cleansing blade that effectively removes black heads, makeup residue and dead skin cells. The Vitamin C mode works with ARTISTRY Intensive Vitamin C + HA and the hydration, radiance, lifting and wrinkle modes are specifically designed to increase the penetration of ARTISTRY Signature Select Personalized Serums. A new Signature Select mode can be unlocked for use with multiple serums.

The ARTISTRY Skin Enhancer offers vitamin C, hydration, radiance, lifting, wrinkle and the “secret” signature select mode.

The signature select mode caters to the use of the Artistry Signature Select Personalized Serums transforming your skincare routine. To activate the signature select mode please refer to the Artistry Skin Enhancer User Manual.