ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer & App
As an ARTISTRY Skincare Consultant, you have the option to purchase the ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer. Purchasing an ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer is the easiest way to start and build your beauty business…why?

Because the ARTISTRY Skin Analyser not only provides you with a technologically advanced tool to conduct a full skin analysis, but it also gives you access to an App that provides a comprehensive report of the analysis and makes product recommendations.

This device is used to analyse your customer's skin and help you provide a professional consultation while the supporting App provides a full report on the customer’s skin condition and makes credible product recommendations to address the customer’s needs.

The ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer is lightweight, compact, portable and simple to use. It uses Wi-Fi video streaming to provide real-time moving images across Android, iOS, Tablet, PC and Windows platforms.

Diverse optical technology takes an image of your skin and the App compares it to a database of others with a similar age and gender profile, allowing you to analyse and recognise 8 different skin conditions quickly and easily including hydration, sebum, pore size, pigmentation, wrinkles, elasticity, sensitivity, and acne.

Once the skin has been analysed, the supporting App provides a full report that can be shared with the customer AND makes product recommendations to address the customers skin needs, how simple is that?

ARTISTRY Signature Solutions Program

The foundation of a successful ARTISTRY Startup is the ARTISTRY Signature Solutions program, a holistic approach to consulting and achieving salon-beautiful skin.

The program starts with a personal consultation where you will discover your customer’s unique skin needs and be able to confidently recommended product solutions.

The ARTISTRY Signature Solutions program provides tailored product solutions for different skin conditions and allows you to choose from specific product bundles to address all skin conditions and concerns:
  • Hydration
  • Pore Refining
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Lifting & Firming
  • Brightening
  • Oil & Blemish Control
Following a full consultation you will discover your customer’s unique skin needs, and be able to recommend a solution that will help them on a path to healthier, more beautiful skin.