Hydrating Skincare
ARTISTRY’S exclusive hydration innovation for skin that feels soft, smooth and supple beyond all expectations.

ARTISTRY HYDRA-V® is a comprehensive group of technologically advanced products, which are specially formulated to work together. Optimal hydration is achieved after only one use for beautifully smooth, healthy-looking skin. ARTISTRY® scientists now deliver a skincare system to optimally hydrate skin with a blend of pristine, rare ingredients that help take deep hydration to a whole new level.

Exclusive formulas are designed to refresh, replenish and revitalise skin by supporting and improving skin’s natural hydration process. The collection contains:
  • Norwegian Fjord Water, in an exclusive HYDRA-V liposome, refreshes skin and infuses it with hydration.
  • Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals, specially blended with other nutrients, replenishes skin with vital minerals for optimal hydration.
  • Hawaiian Acai revitalises skin by encouraging the strongest moisture barrier to help lock hydration in skin.

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