Introducing ARTISTRY Flora Chic™, the first prestige fragrance from ARTISTRY®.

This exquisite fragrance is accented with top notes of sparkling French Clementine, a heart of Bulgarian Rose, and floral base notes of Ylang Ylang Madagasdar. As an ode to modern femininity, ARTISTRY Flora Chic is a scent that uplifts the spirits, indulges the senses, and charms the world.

The story of ARTISTRY Flora Chic™ is one inspired by grace and elegance, charm and delight. It was especially created to heighten each woman’s unique sense of style - her magnifi-chic!

ARTISTRY Flora Chic is an Eau de Parfum, a fragrance form that contains a high concentration of perfume oils. Easily wearable while giving a luxuriously long-lasting fragrance impression.

Australia | New Zealand

Australia | New Zealand